06. 07. 2017

Magfly AP Lightweight Magnet Technology

Is it possible to even improve a good and successful clamping magnet. The Magfly AP is the logical development of the well-proven Magfly universal magnet.

With an aluminium casing, high performance magnet materials and an integrated adapter for Multiform and Flyframe shuttering systems, the new system magnet has come along as both a real powerhouse and a lightweight.With a magnetic force of 22,000N and a weight of only 5.40kg it has the best magnetic force to weight ratio of its class worldwide.

Advantages at a glance

  • Good ergonomic design , its low weight and the new type of lever make child’s play of carrying and handling
  • Extremely light but enormously strong
  • Magflp AP offers integrated technology for precise positioning
  • Accurate fixing of the magnet by light pressure of the hand
  • The permanently mounted eccentric lever makes additional tools for releasing the magnet unnecessary
  • Compact design with integrated adapter for Multiform and Flyframe

For further information please contact:

Gary Duffy on +44 (0) 28 37528 999

Email: sales@sdg.ie

Visit: https://sdgconstructiontechnology.com/products/precast-accessories/bt-innovation-magnets/magfly-ap/

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