Acoustic & Vibration Control

SDG Acoustic & Vibration Control supplies a range of products that cover the spectrum of acoustic insulation and absorption. Acoustic Insulation can be broken down into two areas – sound insulators and impact noise insulators.

Sound Insulating products are designed to stop sound waves and sound transmission. They are usually made of high mass or density materials (such as lead, EPDM, vulcanised rubber), or combined with sound absorbing materials.

Impact-Noise Insulating products are designed to be installed as an underlay to insulate the horizontal structures of a building i.e. footfall impact on flooring.

Acoustic Absorption products are very light and porous materials, that, thanks to their technical characteristics, are able to absorb sound waves in reverberation, in order to correct  internal acoustic problems, such as echo. The sound-absorbent materials must be exposed to the acoustic radiation in order to be effective.

Acoustic Insulation