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Egcodorn Dowel Systems

Egcodorn and Egcodubel are a range of shear dowel systems that can accommodate most static and dynamic loads. Egcodorn stainless steel dowel systems are suitable for transverse force transmission for static and dynamic loads. The Egcodubel dowel system guarantees that transverse forces at expansion joints are transmitted without impeding the horizontal movement of each component.

Egcodorn transverse force dowel

Egcodorn is a high-performance, corrosion-proof transverse shear force dowel which transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimal component thickness. When using Egcodorn, it is not necessary to use extensive formwork for expansion joints. The unique corrosion protection system and the use of high-quality materials guarantee the highest safety and reliability.

Expansion joints allow for movement between adjacent concrete elements caused by physical changes (thermal expansion, shrinking, material creep). The primary application of the Egcodorn stainless steel dowel system is to carry loads across expansion joints in which shear forces occur.

Egcodorn summary:

  • Optimum load transmission into the concrete
  • Transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimum component thickness
  • Easy, rapid and cost efficient joint production
  • Allows for transmission of static and dynamic loads
  • Highest corrosion protection due to use of high quality stainless steel
  • Fire resistance Class R120
  • Custom designs available upon request


Egcodubel for expansion joints is a system for transmission of the transverse forces in joints of plate-shaped structural elements. Dowels are mainly used for subordinate structural elements (e.g. ground bearing slabs), in which expansion joints must only allow for transverse forces.

  • High steel quality
  • Optimum corrosion protection
  • Egcodubel available with or without sleeve