Max Frank Reinforcement Technologies

Shearail® punching shear reinforcement

The only punching shear system approved by both CARES & BBA

Shearail® is a certified pre-fabricated punching shear reinforcement system for flat, piled and post-tensioned slabs. It is designed to increase construction speed, improve build quality and reduce dependency on skilled labour – significantly reducing on-site costs.

It is the only proven punching shear solution with both CARES Technical Approval and BBA Certification.

Shearail® punching shear reinforcement system, which is BS 8110 and EC2 compliant, enables site work to be carried out far more effectively and efficiently than traditional loose links, making it ideal for complex project management.

  • Easy to position & fix
  • Design to BS 8110 & Eurocode 2
  • Free design service, including link conversions