Precast Accessories

EdgeGrip® Heavy Duty Anti Slip GRP Stair Nosings

EdgeGrip® Heavy Duty Anti Slip GRP Stair Nosings are a long-lasting and highly durable fibreglass (GRP) anti slip stair nosing. Two grades are available for internal and external application. Our EdgeGrip® Heavy Duty Stair Nosings incorporate a unique ExtremeCore® ceramic grit measuring a tough 9 on the MOHs hardness scale (diamond is 10), meaning they are twice as durable as standard quartz nosings. This means they are suitable for extreme traffic conditions, and will last for years. The 55mm contrasted coloured nosing also makes them Building Regulation and Disability Discrimination Act Part III compliant (in particular, the sections relevant to the partially sighted).


High traffic areas, Spiral staircases, Fire escapes, Most staircases, External stairs (GRP) Internal stairs, Platform edges and Kerb edges (GRP)