Lifting & Fixing Systems

Socket Lifting System

This  lifting system is designed to lift concrete precast products. The lifting sockets are inserted before the concrete is poured, sockets are positioned using nailing plates.  To lift the precast concrete pieces, a lifting loop should be used if the lifting angle is lower than 45° and a rotating swivel  lifting eye if the angle is greater than 45°.

It is vital to ensure that the lifting loop/ swivel lifting eye is screwed until tight in the socket and that they have the same load capacity/thread as the socket.

Sockets & Loops are available from 12mm (0.5T) up to 36mm (6.3T) – larger sizes are available on request

The different types of sockets are available:

  • Tubular Lifting Socket
  • Wavy Tails (short & long versions)
  • Lifting Insert
  • Flat Plate Socket

Threaded Socket Lifters

  • Lifting Loop
  • Swivel Eye
  • Articulated Lifting Loop

The plastic nailing plates are available in two width diameters and plastic sealing caps are also available