Lifting & Fixing Systems

Spherical Lifting System

This  lifting system is designed to lift concrete precast products. The anchors are inserted before the concrete is poured, sockets are positioned using rubber formers & fixing studs.  To lift the precast concrete units, a Lift Head Shackle designed to suit the spherical anchors should be used

It is vital to ensure that the Lift Head Shackle is securely round the head of the anchor before lifting and that they have the same load capacity as the anchor.

Lift head anchors & Lift Head Shackles are available from 1.3T up to 20T – larger sizes are available on request

The different types of anchors available are:

  • Lift Head Anchor
  • Double Head Anchor
  • Eye Anchor
  • Plate Anchor

The Round Rubber Formers and fixing studs are also available to suit