Lifting & Fixing Systems

Spread Anchor Lifting System

Spread Anchors are manufactured from high quality steel. The stress transfer from the concrete occurs through the lower spread of the flat steel. They provide optimum anchoring whether used in thin walls or large concrete units.

This  lifting system is designed to lift concrete precast products. The anchors are inserted before the concrete is poured, sockets are positioned using rubber formers & fixing plates.  To lift the precast concrete units, a Ring Clutch designed to suit the spread anchors should be used

It is vital to ensure that the Ring Clutch eye is locked in place before lifting and that they have the same load capacity as the anchor.

Spread anchors & Ring Clutches are available from 1.25T up to 5T – larger sizes are available on request

The different types of anchors available are:

  • Spread Anchor
  • Erection Anchor
  • Flat Eye Anchor
  • Flat Foot Anchor

The Spread Anchor Lifter is the Ring Clutch

The Rubber Recess formers and fixing plates are also available to suit