28. 05. 2018
Gumba Bearings

SDG GUMBA Bridge Bearings Seminars

SDG Construction Technology are proud suppliers of GUMBA Bridge Bearings in Ireland and UK.  Together we visited ARUP Belfast office and Doran Consulting Engineers to present a lunch time seminar in the product offering.


GUMBA Bridge Bearing Seminar @ ARUP Belfast
GUMBA Bridge Bearings

GUMBA Bridge Bearing engineers are experts in their field.  They support design engineers, authorities and construction companies to provide practical selection of the correct bridge bearing for the application.

This bespoke service is advantageous as GUMBA Bridge Bearings will support the initial design stage, manufacture onsite in their own factory in Germany, supply installation guidelines and support with the onsite install.


GUMBA Bridge Bearing Seminar @ Doran Consulting Engineers

All of GUMBA Bridge Bearings are EN approved and Fully certified.  The product range includes primarily deformation bearings, pot bearings and spherical bearings.   GUMBA Bridge Bearings manufacture bearing structures that can take vertical loads up to 20.000 kN and horizontal loads up to 2.000 kN.

GUMBA Bridge Bearing Types

GUMBA Bridge Bearings manufacture three bearing types:

  • Elastometic Bearings
  • Pot Bearings
  • Spherical Bearings

For more information on SDG GUMBA Bridge Bearings or to organise a lunch time seminar for your team please contact ciaran@sdg.ie or call our office on +4428 3752 8999.

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